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Old Chapel Hall at Albion Academy

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

A Poem by Lucy M. (Slagg) Townsend (1890-1973)

Chapel Hall, also known as North Hall, was the first of the three buildings of Albion Academy. It was built in 1854. The third floor contained a large room with a stage at one end and was used for both chapel and social affairs. It was here that the Albion Seventh Day Baptist congregation met until their church was built in 1861. In 1942-1943, this building was deteriorating badly and was razed by the township.

In the heart of Albion Village

On a campus truly grand

Stood a time-worn and old school building

Known and loved throughout the land.

It was a building large and sturdy

For the education of all.

It was placed here on this campus.

It was known as Chapel Hall.

It was built in the early fifties. (1854)

Built of brick, made from the soil,

Of a nearby farm, they tell me,

And the sweat of honest toil.

Of friends and neighbors who together

Labored hard to build the same

And their children and grandchildren

To this lovely schoolroom came.

Many a generation gathered

In the sacred “Hall of Fame”

Many a student, here inspired

Won himself an honored name.

Governors, lawyers, doctors, preachers,

Senators, artists, teachers too.

Scientists, farmers, housewives and others

And their names are not a few.

Call this place their Alma Mater

Love it as a part of life.

Memories keep its lights still burning

Through the years of care and strife.

And within these walls so cherished

“Budding Romance” played a part

Cupid with his bow and arrow,

Pierced with love, full many a heart.

Youth and maiden there together

Learned also of Love’s Young Dreams,

And a more important reason ne’er

Was learned, so it would seem

Though their homes are widely scattered

From coast to coast and across the sea

They do often sit and ponder

Of the “days that used to be.”

When with one accord they gathered

In this place so dear to all, Learning,

Loving, planning, praying

In their good old Chapel Hall.

And upon this ancient landmark

was a belfry, I must tell

And with its walls secluded

Hung the well-loved old school bell.

How the sweet tones well remembered

Oft were heard both far and near

Calling boys and girls to classes

During the school throughout the year.

Every morn its sweet tones ringing

On the clear and tranquil air

Called the students all to “Chapel”

There more sacred thoughts to share.

Tho its gone ‘tis not forgotten

By those who knew and loved it so

Memories sweet will always linger

Of those days of long ago.

May its sons and daughters ever

Keep the torch of wisdom burning

Which was once so well inspired

In this stately hall of learning.

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