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Here are some links to other related museums, historical societies and other sites of interest.

History of Albion Seventh Day Baptist Church

History of Albion Academy   (SDB Website)

The Seventh Day Baptists started the Albion Academy and even held worship services in the Albion Academy on the Sabbaoth (Saturday) until their church building was built in 1861. 

Sterling North Society

Sterling North wrote about life in the Edgerton area, including Albion Prairie and Busseyville. In Rascal, young Sterling would visit Aunt Lillie and Uncle Fred, just a few miles east of Albion. In The Wolfing, Robbie Trent grows up next to Thure Kumlien and takes on a wolfling as a pet. (Robbie is based on Sterling North's grandfather that grew up in the home that later became Aunt Lillie and Uncle Fred's home. A number of artifacts related to Sterling North were displayed by the Albion Academy Museum, but were destroyed in the 1965 fire. A later collection of Sterling North books and manuscripts donated by R. Marcelle Pett and others were on display at the Albion Academy Museum and were donated to the Sterling North House. Sterling North's boyhood home has been restored and is available for touring.

Sterling North Home and Musuem_edited.jpg
Albion SBD.jpg

Milton House Museum

The Milton House is the last, certified underground railroad station in Wisconsin that can be toured. Freedom seekers (runaway slaves) would head north to find freedom. As they followed the Rock River, they would be directed either to Milton or to Albion. Both of these villages had men and women that were abolitionists that would help them find freedom in Canada.

Milton House.jpg

Albion Prairie Cemetery

     Find a Grave

The Albion Prairie Cemetery was established in 1844 and has many of the early settlers of the southwest corner of Albion Township.

Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery is located north of Albion at the intersection of Albion Road and County Road A. It is the primary cemetery for the town of Albion and the Seventh Day Baptist Church.

Look for the book (perhaps at the "Open Library"), Evergreen Cemetery, Albion, Wisconsin, Bernie Farmer, 1988 ed, Rock Co. Genealogical Society, 12 p.


Evergreen Cemetery.jpg

Pioneer Norwegian Cemetery 

The Pioneer Norwegian Cemetery is located in Section 2 of Albion Township, on Hillside Road, south of Rockdale.  It has 7 burials; Amundsons and Andersons. It has also been called "Hillside Cemetery" and the "Anderson-Amundson Cemetery".

Norwegian Pioneer Cemetery Hillside Rd, S of Rockdale.jpg
Cemetery Sign Blue on White c.JPG
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