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Check from RockGen.jpg
AAHS at RockGen with Danny Berg.jpg

RockGen near Rockdale

The natural gas/diesel power plant near Rockdale recently donated a check for $1,000 to the Albion Academy Historical Society.

RockGen Presenting the Check

Members accepting a check from RocksGen at their open house. Danny Berg (a resident of the town of Milton) works at RockGen and suggested to Eric Baker that the Albion Academy ask to be considered for a grant.

Representatives of AAHS at RockGen

Left to Right: Danny Berg, Gary Durgin, Nancy Durgin, Kent Marsden  and Eric Baker.

Sign on Road June 2022.jpg

            The Albion Academy Historical Society wants to thank a very special donor for this beautiful sign showing the way to the Academy Museum and Sheepskin School.  This donor wishes to remain anonymous, but he felt we needed a bigger sign.  So he asked to Historical Society to contact Rick Peterson to make the sign and send the bill to him.  We did, Rick did and the donor did!  THANK YOU, VERY SPECIAL DONOR!!  Also, thank you to Jeff Wright and Jake Kienbaum for placing the sign in accordance with highway rules on June 9, 2022.  The smaller sign is now in the Albion Park showing the turn to the buildings.   We have had visitors to the Museum every Sunday afternoon since that day.  The Museum will be open on August Sundays from 1 to 4 pm. 

Day on the Prairie Group shot.JPG.jpg

Day on the Prairie

The Day on the Prairie brought 72 members of the Sons of Norway and the Koshkonong Prairie Historical Society to the Albion Academy Museum on August 14, 2022.

Jack Ellickson found family member graduates.JPG.jpg

Jack Ellickson found a family member who graduated from the Albion Academy on "Day on the Prairie."

Mary Furseth- grandma's quilt block.JPG.jpg

Mary Furseth is holding up hr grandma's quilt block during the "Day on the Prairie".

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