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Enrollment at the Albion Academy Varied Through the Ages

The enrollment at the Albion Academy reached its highest levels from 1870-1889. This is primarily due to the educational opportunities that it provided beyond the first eight grades of common (or graded schools) and the need to prepare teachers to teach in those schools. Enrollment started to decline once the state built Normal Schools to prepare teachers (such as Whitewater Normal School in 1868, now known as UW-Whitewater). Enrollment also suffered once public high schools gained momentum (Edgerton High School started in 1904.) The Albion Academy was started and run by the Seventh Day Baptists. Due to enrollment and financial issues, the Academy closed from 1880 to 1883 and again in 1892. The buildings were then sold to Peter Hendrickson in 1894 who ran a private school for a few years (enrollment data is not available for this time.) Hendrickson then sold the buildings to the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1901 and they ran the Academy until 1918 when it was closed for good shortly after a fire burned Main Hall in 1915.

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