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Albion Plays a Part in the Underground Railroad


he Milton Courier, February 17, 2023 had a story that connects the Milton House and the Albion Seventh Day Baptist Church with helping Freedom Seekers escape slavery and make their way to freedom in Canada. The story comes from Edna (Loofbroro) Dearborn (who just passed away at the age of 92 on January 28 in Racine). Edna remembers her great grandmother, Jennie, (b. 1851), telling Edna that she rode with her father, Varnum Hull, as they delivered a load full of potatoes from the Albion Seventh Day Baptist Church to the Milton House. Varnum was the pastor of the Milton SBD Church, and brother to Oliver Perry Hull, (Pastor of the Albion SDB Church), and also a brother of Hamilton Hull - who was mentioned in Thure Kumlien's journal. Beneath the potatoes were Freedom Seekers (run-away slaves.) From the Milton House, Freedom Seekers would make their way to Racine, get on a ship on Lake Michigan and make their way to true freedom in Canada. (Note - The photo was taken in front of the Joseph Marsden home on Hwy 106, just west of the Dane County line. We do not know the names of the people pictured.)

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